How we work at 423 Photography


Communication is key for any successful business.  Likewise, for a successful photo shoot, open, two-way communication between you, the client, and me, the photographer, is a must.  Working together will help me better understand and explore your needs.  A job well done is what we're all looking for.  I want satisfied clients who will enjoy returning for future photography shoots.


No one enjoys hidden charges or bills that seem to have mysteriously grown to the size of the national deficit.  I work hard to deliver accurate estimates to my clients.  As long as the provisions of the photo shoot don't change, I stand by the proposed terms.  I want to build a great working relationship with you, one that will last.


You have many options when it comes to choosing a photographer.  I understand this; therefore I strive to provide the best quality of work through my expertise and photographic equipment.  Being a photographer is a passion I take seriously.  If there is something technically wrong with the finished product, I won't hesitate to re-shoot your work free of charge.  I value you and your time choosing 423 Photography to take your professional pictures.

Shooting Times

Once we have agreed to the terms in writing, that time is reserved, with a deposit, exclusively for you.  Striving to work with all my clients' schedules, it's understandable that I include a cancellation fee with each quote.  I never cancel or delay your photography shoot without your permission.  Mother Nature can throw some curves to our plans, so communication is paramount to determine whether we continue with the shoot or reschedule for another time.


With every photo shoot there are particular considerations presented to the photographer.  While most of these can be taken care of with ease, there are times when specialized equipment, locations, or permits may be needed.  When we meet and discuss your photographic needs, I will review all the requirements and strive to provide you with a solution that meets your budget.


Please call me if you have any needs or questions that may not have been addressed here.  I look forward to working with you!

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